Unique tents capable of transforming an event

Tents Mallorca is the division of the AICO GROUP dedicated to renting Bedouin tents. We offer exclusive tents that deviate from the traditional model, their design being based on real tents used in the North African desert. They are able to transform any event, giving it elegance as well as adapting to any space thanks to their versatility.

Tents Mallorca offers Bedouin tents, elastic and adaptable to any type of event or fixed installation.

Our Bedouin tents, thanks to their free form, with no structure, offer countless configurations, being adaptable to any surface like sand, cement or grass and to any environment such as different architectural elements, walls or columns.

The tents are certified according to ISO 9001 and made of a special "two-way-stretch" fabric (a blend of polyester, rayon and spandex) that makes them 100% fire retardant and that offer 100% waterproof protection against rain and against UV rays. In addition, their welded joints really make them resistant to strong gusts of wind. We have different sizes of tents that can be combined and which can adapt to the needs required. We also have a team of professionals that is responsible for transport, assembly and dismantling of the tents.

Tents Mallorca thus offers you the best tent on the market, offering you a unique solution that can adapt to your event, whatever its nature and concept.