Planning, the key for corporate events management

Although in Majorca the summer season lasts until the first week of November, the fact is that September marks a turning point in the calendar of events. The summer season ends, together with the themed parties at the beach clubs and the night events at the main harbours of the island (harbours such as Palma’s harbour, Puerto Portals or Port Adriano). October is not only the month of the first autumn rains and the time change in Majorca, but for companies like ours, whose main aim is offering the best audiovisual services in Majorca, it is also the moment when we start planning other type of events known in Aico as “corporate events”.

What does a corporate event mean for a company such as Aico?

Corporate events, sponsored by important brands and/or entities, are those whose main aim is presenting a specific product to clients and/or suppliers, celebrating an important date or offering conferences, speeches or talks to a specific public (either a company or people with common interests).

They are events that pose real challenges to companies like ours —specialised in offering lightning and sound services in Majorca— and that are managed by our production team and our technical team.

Coordination and planning, two key elements for success

Although it is true that there are different factors beyond the control of our company that may lead to the success or failure of a corporate event (like the managing of guests, weather conditions or the coincidence with other events in the city), the two starting points for these meetings to succeed are the previous planning and the coordination of our staff.

The first step will be the written planning of the event, that is, the drawing of the necessary plans and drafts for our clients and the technical team to know the light and sound outlets and the seating arrangement. This step is masterfully carried out by our event production team.

Then it is time to coordinate the technical work. How? It is simple: organising the teams (technical and human) and visiting the locations in advance to offer the client both new lightning and sound techniques.

If you want to confirm the success of this modus operandi, you only need to look at the last events managed by our company. Unique and reference events among which we highlight the Nit del Turismo (Tourism night), in which we installed an astounding LED screen, or the presentation we organised for the brand I.C.O.N in Binissalem; or the always beautiful Converses Literaries in Formentor.