Simultaneous translation: much more than knowing a language

One of the most important aspects of the organisation of an international or national conference with foreign guests is getting the message across to the entire public. This situation —which is sometimes ignored or even taken for granted— requires a team of translators specialised in events which demand a perfect simultaneous translation service; a translation in real time.

Conscious that it is an exclusive service which requires the highest quality, in AICO we think of simultaneous translation as a key element of our offer of audiovisual services in Majorca. How do translators work in a major event? Which are their educational background and their requirements? This month, we shed some light on an unknown but highly necessary figure in the most cutting-edge international events.

Training, specialisation and passion for language

Although people tend to think that any bilingual could do a simultaneous translation, the fact is that —even though it is the logical base of such work— speaking a language fluently is not enough. The work of a simultaneous translator goes further than the simple act of translating. The challenge lies in translating a conversation in real time, providing the message with spontaneity and making it understandable from beginning to end. The execution time goes from seconds to miliseconds There’s more than one way to skin a cat even in the world of translation. Therefore, many translators work in their translation booth with a notebook and a pen to write down specific words, and many others have their own tricks to make literal sentences a spontaneous speech. Be that as it may, and except when the simultaneous translator works on stage with the foreign speaker, all translators have a common requirement: they have to receive in the booth an uninterrupted interference-free and delay-free audio signal (the source voice) with a perfect quality. The key? The teamwork between the sound engineer and the translator.

From international conferences to varied themed galas

Installable in all type of events (from international conferences to speeches with non-Spanish speaker guests and galas with attendees from all over the world), translation booths offer an extra of exclusivity. Experts in making guests, spectators and/or attendees the most important part of the event, at AICO we bet for the best simultaneous translation booths of the market. Triple ISO booths with digital transmitters and double receivers (analogue and digital) with 32 input channels for a comfortable work. A technical equipment to which we add a first-class team of simultaneous translators with experience in the ultimate international events.