Why you should install a LED screen in your next event

As an audiovisual services company in Majorca, we are aware that —even though trends in corporate or social events come and go— there are some indispensable technological devices that will make your event a complete success.

Although in AICO we have endless fixed facilities, few of them can be compared to the amazingness of LED screens for events. LED screens, both in their outdoor and indoor versions, not only provide any type of corporate or social event with beat and rhythm, but they also create an unmatched surrounding and elegant atmosphere with their technology.

The magic of pixels

Our first impression with a full-colour activated LED screen (considering we may be used to the old plasma or LCD screens) is feeling some kind of magic… A magic that captivates us and takes us to the world of high-quality projected images.

How do LED screens work and how can we get such a high definition in shape and colour? LED screens (also called LED electronic screens) work with pixels and light emitting diodes, small light emitting lightbulbs distributed in different modules or panels. When these modules, diodes and pixels come together, an image, text or video of a unique and exceptional quality can be projected.

A technology adapted to your event

Their quality, weight (much lower than that of the old screens) and versatility are some of the features that are making them so popular in events. After having installed more than twenty LED screens this year, in AICO we highly recommend their use for any type of event of a certain magnitude.

However, in order to achieve that magic referred to earlier, the installation process of any indoor or outdoor screen will have to be supervised by a specialized human team –that is to say, a quality staff that knows what to project at any time, that is capable of solving any type of unexpected event and that can make the most of the equipment contracted by the client. We cannot forget that this technological equipment is used in the most important events of the world and by the main business corporations.