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15 de October de 2021
Sailing Week
15 de October de 2021

Cuarto Milenio

Cuarto Milenio: The Exhibition was a complete journey through the main enigmas of the world of the unknown and through the history of "Cuarto Milenio", the Cuatro programme hosted by Iker Jiménez. An experience that went beyond the visible and invited the viewer to discover other realities. The Spanish Village hosted this exhibition from 19 December to 17 January.

Mystery Nights was not a live television programme. Nor was it a radio programme or a conference. Las Noches del Misterio was a new experience of communication between Iker Jiménez, Carmen Porter and those attending a magical night. The stories, the events that were never told in Cuarto Milenio, and the intertwined images and music provoked an effect of an authentic journey to the epicentre of the unknown. The mysteries of the night were intertwined on the 18th and 19th in the Sala Magna of the Pueblo Español.