Services of Design

Our 360° approach covers all production needs.
Our team includes qualified specialists specialised in each area of the creative process.
In addition to the design, we also take care of the production of the different pieces, always selecting the best materials and the best finishes for our clients.

We produce canvases up to 6 metres long without cuts, photocalls, roll ups, programmes, accreditations, backs... We are specialists in large format digital printing, fixing and assembly of advertising media. We have the latest technology for large format digital printing on a multitude of materials, both rigid and flexible.
Along with 3D recreations, plans are an essential part of any event and in our technical team we have a specialist in Autocad and Reedit.

The plans are essential to calculate the capacities and dimensions of the event.

As is logical, once the design has been defined, it will be necessary to draw up the exploded views and carpentry plans for its manufacture. At this point, at AICO we produce all the dimensioned exploded drawings with their measurements to facilitate the manufacturing work.
Motion graphics or animated video is a format where production is done using digital multimedia graphics that are brought to life through animation. Animated videos are an audiovisual format that uses text, icons, shapes, frames and graphics to communicate ideas in an abstract or symbolic way. It is a format with a wide range of applications: for corporate videos, audiovisual post-production, interactive presentations, events, exhibitions, logos, product videos... etc.

We can provide a solution to your desire to communicate without the need for a real image, with creativity, design and technology, we make everything we set out to do a reality. Our team has several specialists in 2D content creation to bring your presentations to life. The content is shot live for a perfect choreography.
Every event starts with a good project and our 3D designers and creatives come together to give you a vision of what your event will be like.

At AICO we are trained to model in 3D animation programmes, carrying out all the processes required for a fluid animation in these programmes, such as scenery, texturing and materials and lighting for these scenery. Our designers specialised in rendering with Mental Ray and V Ray will be able to give your modelling the texture and material that you want in your final projection.
Our team of designers combines ephemeral architecture techniques with new technologies, always with the highest standards of quality and finish.

It is always advisable that the positioning is based on your values and a specific branding of the event to increase your sales. Your event has to be clearly differentiated from other events in the sector by representing your values through branding and consistent messaging that makes it clear to your audience what you offer.
Following the concept defined for each event and the brand image of each of our clients, we develop all the necessary materials. Our expert graphic designers will help you to create photocalls, roll ups, canvases, lanyards and badges, programmes, invitations, ...

AICO also deals with event graphics, offering a high quality graphic design and studio service. Presenting corporate graphics that accurately reflect the image and objectives of your brand is essential.