Technology Services

We work with state-of-the-art technology.
We have a stock of technical material that is constantly being renewed. Our technology inspires and allows us to create experiences that exceed all expectations.
From AICO, always using the latest technology and the best brands, we guarantee optimum sound quality for any type of event, whether it is held in a meeting room, an auditorium or an open space. We have microphones, sound tables, recorders, equalisers, press racks... In addition to the rental of sound equipment, we provide you with the best professional technicians who will advise you at all times, always getting the best performance from the equipment for your event.
We offer the best audiovisual equipment, adapted to the needs of each event, with which to project all types of audiovisual content: videos, images, presentations, infographics...

We have LEDʼs screens for outdoor 10 mm and indoor 3.8 mm high definition, videowalls, LED and TFT plasma screens, projectors... Our LEDʼs screens and our videowalls have modules to adapt to whatever the space of your project is. In addition, our outdoor LEDʼs screens guarantee a perfect view even with high ambient brightness.
AICO carries out a customised lighting study, developing each project specifically and combining functional and decorative lighting according to the type of event.

A customised lighting study is used to design the appropriate lighting environment that the project requires to cover all its needs, also applying efficiency and sustainability criteria.
Specialists in multi-camera recording of events, conferences and live shows. We take care of the entire process of planning, recording and producing videos of events and special events. In this way, we ensure that every moment can be remembered and immortalised.

We cover all professional business events in terms of live video recording for companies at meetings, conferences, congresses, congresses, trade fairs and other special events. We carry out the entire recording and production process of the event, from staging to publication or streaming.
The work does not end with the realisation of the event. After the development of the event and leaving aside the more technical part of post-production of the audiovisual content, it is also important to address a series of aspects in order to capture the objectives achieved. A good compilation of video and sound is key to start working. It is important to know how to select the right material and add the necessary elements, off, sound effects, video effects, text... The aim is to shape the content in an eye-catching way, providing a plus and reflecting the values of the company, in each case.

Knowing the approach, the reactions of the attendees, the interactions created on social networks, in the media, the contacts obtained and, in general, measuring the success of the event is just as important as its planning and development.
Making the most of the space of an event in the best possible way is one of the first challenges we are going to face. And to achieve this, often the best option is to hang materials from different structures, such as lights, speakers, screens, cables, banners, curtains or any other object we need.

Always working with the highest safety and control measures, we are specialists in the construction of high-rise structures.
Our digital simultaneous translation service offers triple ISO booths, digital transmitters and analogue and digital receivers with up to 32 channels, all of which are approved in accordance with current regulations.

In addition, the technical part is completed and perfected by a team of professional translators and interpreters with extensive experience and specialised in different sectors.